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Doubling your performance is often far easier than trying to squeeze another 10%.  Why?


Quite simply to double your performance you will need to think of new things to do, not just do more.  That is the secret to breakthrough performance.


You’ve heard all the adages – Work smarter, not harder, or do different things, don’t just work differently.  In many parts of the organisation ‘transformation’ is the order of the day.  Whether it is Lean Six Sigma, Business process re-engineering, or any other technique that is the ‘game changer’ – what about sales?  What can you actually do yourself to achieve breakthrough performance improvement?


We think it is quite simple really.  Focus on:


  1. Qualifying your opportunities – to improve your win rates and get time back – by not wasting time chasing deals you won’t win
  2. Building relationships with your clients – people buy from people they like
  3. Systematically networking – and systematically is the key!
  4. Writing compelling proposals that score highly under evaluation – learn to write to score points, and not just to answer the questions