Training Services


Our professional sales practitioners deliver bespoke sales, bid management and proposal writing training that is specifically designed to promote sales process rigour and improve win rates.
Sales Training

We are sales training specialists and deliver bespoke training courses. Our training is motivational and has a real impact on results. We tailor exercises and examples to situations that have occurred recently - meaning staff learn from real-life scenarios.

Sales Training

Our extensive, deep sales experience, makes us effective sales trainers. We create bespoke solutions to address specific skills shortfalls that hinder sales performance.


We mentor sales professionals and sales managers committed to


Our mentors are all highly successful sales leaders. They provide independent feedback and guidance. They ensure that mentees have the skills and confidence needed to win more.

Our Training Courses

Performance Quest runs a number of training courses.  All training can be tailored to emphasise specific aspects.

We never employ generic trainers.  All our staff are senior sales leaders that speak with authority and engage delegates.

Sales Masterclass Programme

PQT-001.  5-day Training Programme

Equips delegates with a comprehensive understanding of sales best practice.

  • Grow revenue from existing accounts
  • Create realistic account plans that drive increased revenues
  • Improve win chances through strategic, targeted campaigns
  • Write compelling proposals that score highly under evaluation
  • Work with operations to design winning solutions and illustrate them in proposals
  • Understand and sell differentiation and value
  • Manage bids through to proposal submission
  • Systematically network and target key decision makers and influencers
  • Prepare for ‘C Suite’ (Board level) conversations

Managing Sales Performance

PQT 002.  1 or 2-day Training Course 

Prepares newly appointed managers, and  up-skills experienced managers to manage teams and drive performance

  • Create and socialise pragmatic sales processes
  • Embed a drumbeat of process rigour
  • Improve forecasting accuracy
  • Build bigger pipelines through effective cross-selling
  • Ensure sales campaigns are being run effectively
  • Create high quality compelling proposals that win
  • Improve sellers’ win rates
  • Improve qualification to eliminate wasted time and effort

Proposal and Tender Writing

PQT 003.  2-day Training Course

Provides delegates with the skills to manage the production of high quality and compelling proposals.  A practical course that leaves delegates with the confidence to write well, manage input from multiple authors, use relevant templates and diagrams, and produce winning proposals.

  • Understand the tender game and how responses are evaluated
  • Know what good looks like
  • Score maximum points from procurement teams/evaluators
  • Describe solutions/services clearly and logically in plain English 
  • Write concisely 
  • Give confidence in your ability to deliver
  • Avoid common mistakes

Strategic Opportunity Planning

PQT 004.  1-day Training Course

Captures ‘bid intelligence’ in a Strategic Opportunity Plan (SOP); a vital part of the sales process and in essence, a plan to win. We promote a structured approach to opportunity management and all delegates leave with an opportunity plan template. During the course attendees also complete a plan for one of their ‘must win’ opportunities.

  • Manage sales campaigns
  • Understand strategic opporunity planning
  • Plan to win
  • Increase win rates

Strategic Account Planning

PQT 005.  1-day Training Course

Designed to give delegates the skills needed to be strategic, focused and effective in account planning. All delegates leave with an account plan template and a completed account plan for their key account.

  • Have ‘C Suite’ (Board level) conversations
  • Identify more opportunities within accounts
  • Grow revenue from existing accounts
  • Maximise account potential
  • Systematically network
  • Build long term relationships

Sales Qualification

PQT 006. 1-day Training Workshop

Qualifying whether an opportunity can be won is key to sales success. Many organisations waste time, effort and resources chasing sales they are unlikely to win.

Performance Quest has effective and robust sales qualification processes, based on a proven and rigorous qualification questionnaire.  Delegates leave with a practical tool for evaluating whether a particular opportunity is likely to result in a win or a loss.

Bid Management Training

PQT 007. 1 or 2-day Training Workshop

A practical workshop-style course that trains delegates to project manage the development of a professionally written, highly compelling proposal that scores highly under evaluation.

  • Bid manage all activities and inputs from the business
  • Ensure a high-quality proposal is submitted on time
  • Understand evaluation criteria and weightings
  • Write to score points, not just to answer questions

Solution Design for Proposal Writers

PQT 008. 1-day Training Workshop

Develop winning, compelling solutions and describe them effectively to clients. The course equips Sales Leads with the tools, skill and confidence to:

  • Produce high-level solution designs approppriate for inclusio9n in proposals
  • Describe detailed solutions in a compelling manner
  • Describe the delivery approach
  • Give clients confidence in the solution and delivery team

Value-Based Selling

PQT 009. 1-day Training Workshop

Describe service offerings in value terms. A practical workshop-style course that trains delegates to think creatively and describe their service offering in terms of business value. The course equips Sales Leads with the tools, skill and confidence to:

  • Start their campaigns with the end in mind
  • Understand the client’s perspective on value
  • Create a differentiated Value Proposition
  • Describe value to clients


  • Best course ever. Life changing.
    Jason, Sales Director
  • Inspiring. Thank you. An intense 2-day programme that covered all the basics and so much more. My team haven't stopped talking about it. Results already coming through - thank you.
    Matthew, Sales Manager
  • Trainers were great - so much valuable experience. A long day, but thoroughly enjoyable. I have taken away many valuable tips. Onward and Upward!
    Jo, Sales Professional
  • A great course on proposal writing. I will completely change my approach. Trainers were both great fun.
    Jonathan, Sales Professional
  • A great 2-day management training module. I thought I knew about management, but now I know there is still so much to learn. You have really made a difference to my management style. I know this will help my team accelerate performance. Great course:)
    Mark,Sales Manager