SCOTSMAN – Best Sales Qualification Tool

Don’t waste time chasing deals you will never win.  Learning how to properly qualify a sales lead/opportunity is essential, and we believe it is the one skill that can make the biggest difference to a sales professional’s success.


The best salespeople qualify their opportunities regularly, not just once, but consistently throughout their campaigns.  Don’t rely on your ‘gut feel’, but objectively evaluate your qualification status.


Too many sales professionals waste time and effort chasing opportunities they will not win.  If you have a win rate of 1 in 5 (20%) and you could easily identify the deals you were likely to win and only pursue them, you could stay in bed, or be on the golf course for 4 days a week!  Alternatively, spend your valuable time chasing good prospects and win more!  Qualify each lead before you spend your time and the company’s resources on them.


There are many qualification tools in the marketplace, each with their own training courses and methodology – BANT, MEDDIC, CHAMP, ANUM, FAINT, MEANCATS, etc.  The one we prefer is SCOTSMAN:


  • Solution – do we have a solution (product/service) to meet the client’s business need?
  • Competition – do we know who our competitors are?  Can we beat them?
  • Originality – do we have unique benefits (originality) we can describe to the client?
  • Timescales – are the client’s timescales realistic?  Do they work for us?
  • Size/Strategy – what is the size/scope of the opportunity and does it fit with our sales targets and strategy?
  • Money – Does the client have an adequate/realistic budget in mind?
  • Authority – am I talking to the person with the authority to spend – the decision maker?
  • Need – does the client need what I am offering?  Have I communicated how my solution satisfies their need?


Qualify your sales opportunities quickly and easily using SCOTSMAN.  Done properly, you can prioritise your effort and identify the opportunities worth spending more time on.


Performance Quest helps organisations develop bespoke qualification tools for their sales teams.  We even have an easy-to-use web application that takes all the hard work away and enables sales professionals to run the qualification questionnaire immediately after each sales call.  It takes just 5 minutes.