Are You Playing the Tender Game?

Writing compelling proposals and tender responses is key to sales success.  We have a number of tips that will help you ‘raise your game’, improve your win rates and help you earn more commission.  The most important lesson is to remember that it is a game, and it is all about scoring points, and not just answering the question.


What do we mean?  Well, think about it from the evaluators’ perspective.  What are they looking for, and how they will score the responses?  Be bold and ask for a copy of their scoring mechanism. Often, they will be provided.  Remember, that just answering the question will only score you average points.  You want to ensure that you score the maximum possible number of points. 


How?  You need to demonstrate to evaluators that you are the ‘best bet’.  Our top tips are to:


  1. Give confidence in your ability to deliver – give examples of where else have you delivered something of a similar (or bigger) scale recently.
  2. Outline the credentials of the delivery team – show their expertise and where they have done this before.
  3. Demonstrate the benefits of your products and services, how they meet the business need, and how they are better than, or differentiated from the competition.


At Performance Quest, we offer a tender review service.  We score your responses and tell you how to improve your scores, before you submit.  This gives you an opportunity to improve your submission, score more points, and increase your chances of winning.  We offer a range of services from a simple scoring/review process to a full re-write service. 


We use a simple model to evaluate your submission based on 6 criteria: