Easy Tricks to Master in Sales

Remember, there are only two jobs in sales.  Yes, just two tricks to master.


  1. Build relationships with your clients – understand their needs and their business.
  2. Write compelling proposals that beat the competition.


Arguably, ever other activity in sales is a distraction!  Of course, in reality working for any professional organisation will require some of your time for corporate activities such as reporting, team meetings and chasing invoices etc.  The key is balance.  The majority of your time should be spent on the two things that matter. 


  1. We all know the importance of relationships – people buy from people. So, investing time building relationships and systematically networking is crucial to sales success. 
  2. Secondly, at some point a proposal is going to be needed. Learning how to write compelling proposals will ensure you win more.


Do both, that is build strong relationships and write a compelling proposal and you will improve your chances of winning enormously.  Pure magic!